Will an AI be granted legal personhood in any country by end of 2030?
closes 2030

UN recognized country.

Resolves YES if already happened.

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Will any AI be legally recognized by any country's government as being a "person" deserving of certain rights by 2029?38%
Will AI wipe out humanity before the year 2030?27%
will any AI become a citizen of any internationally recognized country before 2030?25%
Will an AI be elected into any political office in any country before 2035?16%
Will any country pass a law explicitly regulating artificial intelligence during 2023?84%
Will AI be able to vote, in any U.S. jurisdiction, by 2035?7%
By 2030, will an AI be officially designated as the patent holder for an invention?24%
When will a US court first rule that an AI is legally a person?2050
Will artificial sentience be created by end of 2030?19%
Will the United States ban AI research by the end of 2037?26%
Will AI surpass human intellect by 2030?96%
Will there be significant protests calling for AI rights before 2030?54%
Will an AI system be judged to have killed a human on its own initiative and for no other purpose by 2030?26%
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Will an AI get elected as a politician by 2050?19%
Will AI take over the world by 2100?40%
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