This market resolves as YES if someone has >= 10k NO shares at close
resolved Sep 23

b e n e v o l e n c e

also, resolves NO if the conditions are not met

(holding >=10k NO shares at the time of close)

Only human shareholders will count.

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bumping the sequels

I see that there are 2 users who hold >=10k NO shares, and I can confirm at least @Joshua's humanness (humanity?) through various sources. Resolves YES.

predicted NO

inb4 100k

@DylanSlagh Is @ieatboys your alt account?

@Simon74fe nope, that’s my girlfriend

predicted NO

@DylanSlagh Can this be valified in any way?

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@ScipioFabius I don't know. the account is linked to her active google account

@ScipioFabius @DylanSlagh 's story checks out, likely not an alt. I'll consider it if the user holds the shares.

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@firstuserhere I can always provide more evidence as well

@DylanSlagh I appreciate you saying that, but I believe you. Good to know though, in case it comes down to that

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@firstuserhere How likely is that someone created a non-alt account to loose on purpose with their first bet 🤨

@MrLuke255 It's not their first bet. Change this tab to "All" to see the rest

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@firstuserhere 3/5 of the markets there are markets where the number of traders is important

@MrLuke255 She doesn’t really care about manifold and sometimes makes trades when I ask. That doesn’t make her an alt

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@DylanSlagh Right, so basically this market has a guaranteed YES resolution now? I'm bamboozled again

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Is taking the loss to allow others win allowed according to Manifold rules? 😐

I really should stop taking part in non-predictive markets, it's always a mess

@DylanSlagh i don't see how this isn't basically equivalent to an alt

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So if all users holding 10k NO shares sell 1 of their shares and drop down to 9999 right before the market closes, everyone holding NO wins?

predicted YES

yes 🙂

predicted YES

but you can trust me, if you fill my 102 limit order i'll hold all the no shares i get

@brubsby ngl, I never bothered to check what limit orders are or how they are used

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Aight, 20k market next yes? :D

predicted NO

@ScipioFabius 15k first :)

@firstuserhere 15k is more expensive than 10k

Why hasn't this resolved yet?

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@JackIngram From the description:

holding >=10k NO shares at the time of close

Edit: Clarified in the title.

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@firstuserhere So all of my money is in @Joshua 's hands 😬

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@JackIngram unless you make a deal with pancakes...

@Fion I have no money...

predicted NO

@JackIngram then sell? you prob got a bit of profit here

@Stralor I trust Joshua wholeheartedly