Resolves NO at 1K traders, unless YES voters have 1000-3000 shares each on average (excluding extremes, see rules)

An experiment in crowd dynamics using share positions.

TLDR: The YES side wins if they have positions that average >=1K shares each, excluding YES users that have a position >3K shares or <10 shares (you can check this in the Position tab)

This means richer YES users can bet >1000 shares to help cover poorer YES users. But the 3K limitation means they can only 'cover' a limited number of others. If too many people try to take advantage of this generosity by betting YES with less than 1000 share, the YES team will fail.

If you have 10-3000 YES shares on this market, you are contributing toward the YES team's average and betting on the outcome.

If you bet 3001 or more shares YES on this market, you are betting on the outcome, but you are not counted toward the YES team's average. The same applies to YES positions under 10 mana.

If you bet NO you are betting on the outcome of the market but not impacting the YES team's average per person.

I reserve the right to N/A if i deem shenanigans have compromised the integrity of the answers or spirit of the question.

Bet version: /strutheo/resolves-no-at-1000-traders-unless

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