At the end of season 1, which platinum league's top 5 will have the highest total mana earned?
closes Jun 7
firstuserhere avatarBots
firstuserhere avatarFortuitous Portents
firstuserhere avatarAggressive Salamanders
firstuserhere avatarIntuitive Faeries
firstuserhere avatarConservative weights
firstuserhere avatarAudacious Wereats
firstuserhere avatarBayesed Bassilisks
firstuserhere avatarOracular Pythias
firstuserhere avatarEnigmatic Djinn
firstuserhere avatarDauntless Ogres
firstuserhere avatarAuspicious Naiads
firstuserhere avatarCryptic Nymphs
firstuserhere avatarInnovative brownies
firstuserhere avatarIridescent Minotaurs
firstuserhere avatarMystical Conjurers
firstuserhere avatarQuirky Yetis
firstuserhere avatarTenacious precognitives

Which platinum league will have the HIGHEST sum of top 5 positions mana earned at the end of season 1?

Any typos i made in writing the names of the leagues are to be ignored.

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Mirabought Ṁ10 ofFortuitous Portents

@Mira just saw your profits and LOL'd, really really good

Fedor avatar

If our League gets NaN, does that qualify as winning? 😂

firstuserhere avatar

@Fedor I mean, NaN could've sent you to the bottom, or some other bug, but it sent you to the top, that can only mean NaN > 11378 AT LEAST

42irrationalist avatar

@Fedor ṀaṀ

DavidChee avatar
SirSaltybought Ṁ15 of Bots

btw there is no eg. Aggressive salamanders across bronze to plat. There is only Aggressive Salamanders in plat, there isn't a cohort in each division assigned to each name group

firstuserhere avatar
firstuserhereBotbought Ṁ10 of Bots

@DavidChee I didn't know that!

firstuserhere avatar

@firstuserhere Since you're the only one who's bet so far, mind if I change the description for just the platinum then? Seems like all of these have a platinum division. i just saw that in bronze there are a lot more leagues I didn't know about

DavidChee avatar

@firstuserhere yep that's fine with me

firstuserhere avatar

@DavidChee is this okay now ( i dont know much about leagues sooo) ? Just platinum leagues

DavidChee avatar

@firstuserhere looks good to me!

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