Will a Tour de France have Vingegaard, Pogacar, Roglic and Evenepoel competing against each other?

Resolves YES if all of Jonas Vingegaard, Tadej Pogačar, Primož Roglič and Remco Evenepoel start stage 1 riding for 4 different teams.

Resolves NO whenever one of them retires.

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Also, absolutely crazy that it seems quite likely to happen in the very first year after this market was created. At the time of creation, Roglic was still signed to TJV for a couple more seasons.

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I guess I'd also be interested in a 2024 specific version of this, now that it seems all four are planning to attend.

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@Eliza now that they are on different teams this is the question for 2024:

@egroj Oh. I couldn't find it because I searched for "Roglic" and that doesn't work when the title has "Roglič"

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@Eliza oh yeah, that's my bad, I thought that I had changed all those titles, I'll search again to see if there are more titles with the non-anglicized spelling and change them.

I like that you searched for Roglic 😂 it's your intuition telling you that he's the man for this Tour, now that Jonas' team is weaker and that Tadej will not be recovered from the Giro. Only half-kidding 😉