Will Praggnanandhaa R be ranked in the top 5 on 2700chess.com at any point in 2024?
Dec 31

Praggnanandhaa R, 18 is ranked #13 on the live ratings list at 2700chess.com with a career high rating of 2740. He is currently only 29 rating points behind Ian Nepomniachtchi ranked #5. Given this trajectory, will he be ranked within the top 5 at any point in 2024?

This market resolves YES if Praggnanandhaa R is ranked sole 5th or higher on 2700chess.com classical ratings at any point in 2024. Shared 5th won't qualify.

It will resolve NO if Pragg is not ranked at least sole 5th or higher at any point in 2024.

It will be voided due to force majeure events as deemed fit by me

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predicts YES

this is almost a dead certainty to me tbh