Tl;Dr: be the first to comment with a user-facing change to Manifold and get rewarded M10.

This bounty market is meant as a way of solving the problem that @Eliza identified of not having a way to be automatically notified when there’s a change to the Manifold site, and instead having to periodically check the Changelog or follow the Announcements channel on Discord.

How this bounty market potentially fixes this issue:

  1. Be the first to comment on this bounty market whenever there’s a new change to Manifold. Include in your comment the text from the Changelog or, if not yet added to the Changelog, a description or link describing the change.

  2. I’ll award M10 each time a commenter is the first to alert of a change to a user facing change of the Manifold product.

  3. Tap/click “Watch” in this bounty market’s settings to be notified when there’s a new comment about a change.

  4. Tap/click “Add bounty” below to add more mana to this bounty if you’re finding value for this “service” and want it to continue.

  5. That’s it! No more FOMO. ✅

Get Ṁ600 play money
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new question creation prices. loans officially gone. prize points logo/balance added to profile summary.


Numeric markets are M1000


you can see a summary of your and anyone else's bets in MC markets


new home feed algorithm is live


numeric market is back

MC answers are M100 through Manifest (June 9th) 🚀

and there's a Play tier to create M100 markets for silly/fun purposes

MC answers are M100 through Manifest (June 9th) 🚀

New graphics and copy on market creation Tiers:

Unique trader counts removed from markets

New tiers for market creation:

You can now filter by Prize Markets in Browse

Search filters in Browse look to have had a facelift

earn free mana:

Prize points are back

changes to the guidelines incoming

  • N/A no longer a resolution option

  • Algo change

Fees are no longer flat, varying now based on percentage likelihood of market when bet is placed

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