Will Destiny and Melina get divorced before 2024?
Jan 1

Will resolve if a divorce finalizes legally. Will not resolve if they just break up. IF they announce divorce before 2024, I'll hold off resolving it either happens legally or they get back together, meaning if they announce divorce before 2023 and legalize it in 2024, I'll still resolve for "Yes." MelW

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Eric Zhoubought Ṁ779 of NO

mel posted a new insta story from miami about 2 hours ago, bet no for free 10%

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@EricZhou link?

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@EricZhou she's gotta sign the papers :^)

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bro yall wilding if this resolves yes i will eat a shoe

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duNpredicts YES

https://old.reddit.com/r/Destiny/comments/185jwbj/the_thread_to_speculate_about_the_impending_drama/ if you want to go full parasocial (don't shoot the messenger if it's a gigantic honeypot)

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@dgga !shoot


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uh oh

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jackson polack

edit: ignore

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Ignore this too

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Somewhat arb, probably shouldn't be lower than this depending on the interpretation of the question

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+7% today?

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@Traveel on a serious note Destiny has been vagueposting on both Twitter and on stream and I'm not jumping into conclusions but <2% seemed way inappropriately low

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Easiest money in the world, their relationship has been falling apart for years and the writing was on the wall since July 2022

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@Nebol3 Citation needed

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@RobinGreen The situation happened 20 min on stream, Destiny has a large amount of women that he wans to hook up with and Melina doesn't let him which has caused him to cheat multiple times, last situation happened July 2022.

Destiny most likely will jump to the next pretty girl who's more "open" than Melina, and divorcing Melina as he tried already tried to break up with her in July of last year.

Their lifestyles, although they are both open, are incompatible since Melina wants it to become a closed relationship and Destiny wants to fuck as many women as he cans.

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Robin Greenpredicts NO

@Nebol3 What a chad. According to my friend, women like chads, which I guess explains why Destiny and Melina are still together. 21 gun salute for Destiny.

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easy money

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Why does it always go up after I spend my daily loan >_<

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buy guys im from the future

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The man cheats in relationships and appears somewhat uncompromising. He is also involved in a lot of drama and Melina has her own money so she isn't trapped. Worth and outside yes vote.

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I will say, divorce takes a long time, actually finalising it might make this a tight deadline.

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Robin Green

@ABettingMan It's an open marriage so cheating on her is by definition impossible, so that shouldn't be a factor here.

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@RobinGreen No, cheating is possible by not following the agreed upon rules of the open marriage.

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@thepleasantpuffin I love to see delusional people

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@Simon1551 Its okay to not understand how things work.

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@thepleasantpuffin You're saying that to me?

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@Simon1551 Whatever you say, my ninja