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I bought Qorantos stock just because he liked One Piece.
Hasan is miles better than Qorantos so I can't be hypocritical and also must buy Hasan stock.

Destiny is an unhinged loser that can't stand the fact that Hasan is insanely popular and liked, while Destiny isn't.

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@Mirek "liked" Hasan spends 90% of his stream crying about people who don't like him

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I started watching Destiny's stream when they were both IRL streaming in IKEA. they have a chance like anyone else. unless your name happens to be [redacted]

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As soon as anything politically interesting happens Hasan is bound to say something braindead, these stocks are guaranteed to plummet.

Extremely rare Hasan W, gas up these stocks

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rare hasan w?

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SWEATSTINY , sell sell sell

Waiting for the destiny hate to begin 🙃

predicts SHORT

here we go again

Destiny will have enough clout for Hasan after Lex Fridman.

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