Will Apple stock (AAPL) fully break $190 before $170?
resolved Oct 27

Last price: 2023-10-26 $166.89 (171.38 intraday high)

(will try to update meaningful moves after Nasdaq close)

Resolves after the first regular Nasdaq trading session (09:30-16:00 ET) after market creation (2023-08-11) during which the price stays above $190 (YES) or below $170 (NO) for the whole session. In other words, the first time one of these is the case after Nasdaq close:

Resolves YES if AAPL intraday low > $190

Resolves NO if AAPL intraday high < $170

Will extend closing date as needed. Reference is publicly-quoted intraday high/low, adjusted for any future stock splits (e.g. if it splits 2:1 at $180 then quoted prices next day would be $90 post split but would not cause it to resolve NO since reference price for this market would be x2).

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And we’re back:

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missed it (almost)? no worries, here’s the next step:

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Next, will it keep stop correcting?

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Today's high was $168.96 (official Nasdaq data) so resolves NO. Thanks to all participants for making it really fun and challenging. What a ride!

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@deagol Thank you!

Just the closing auction left at this point.

Not loosing hope 🤞

@MrLuke255 you spending millions propping it there? 😄


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Day’s high $168.77 10:14 AM ET. Needs 170 to prevent a NO resolution after 4 PM Nasdaq close.

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168.96 new high for the day. She won’t give up!

I’ll use the official Nasdaq quote as per the description (TradingView gave a slightly different high before).

Since the launch of the new iPhone 15, Apple has received bad reviews on the new model and the root cause is understandable. First of all, the user is no longer excited about the models, meaning, that the new model is just as similar to the previous, of course, there are new improvements, but nothing innovative. In the second place, the new iPhone 15 is dealing with internal issues, for instance, the battery doesn't last long, or the iPhone overheats. All this and many more issues are causing the new iPhone does not achieve the desired sales and detonating into not achieving the desired sales for investors. When dealing with big companies, any trouble is a chain, and sometimes is hard to understand the root of them, but in this case, in my opinion, is pretty straightforward.


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Brought in the close to call attention here as it’s likely to resolve tomorrow, unless it bounces to at least 170.

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@deagol just needs to survive to the 30th

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@Stralor tomorrow is do or die, forget the 30th Mac event won’t save it, but good earnings on Nov 2 might.

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@deagol to be clear that doesn’t need to happen today to prevent NO (the early morning high already precludes that). But if it doesn’t get there tomorrow it will be over.


@MrLuke255 such a sweet lure, unfortunately i’m full!

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@deagol Half my total mana is in this already, I'm not picking that up either.

@MrLuke255 alright wth took half, leave some for my namesake @DanielTilkin

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@DanielTilkin i guess others will snap it

@deagol 😅

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there we go @firstuserhere

Made another one on 3%

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@MrLuke255 maybe tomorrow 😏