Will Apple stock (AAPL) hit $500 before $50?
closes 2028

Last price: 2023-05-26 $175.43

(will try to update every Friday after Nasdaq close)

Resolves YES if AAPL trades >= $500 without having first traded <= $50

Resolves NO if AAPL trades <= $50 without having first traded >= $500

during any regular Nasdaq trading session (09:30-16:00 ET) after market creation (2023-02-12).

Reference is publicly-quoted intraday high/low, adjusted for any future stock splits (e.g. if it splits 5:1 at $200 then quoted prices next day would be $40 post split but would not cause it to resolve NO since reference price for this market would be x5). Will extend closing date as needed.

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