What will I name my nomic futarchy?
resolved Jul 22
Nomic Garden
Futarchy Company
Nomic Markets
Delphi Exchange
Hiveminded Business
Crowdwise Network
Futarchy AI
Nomic Bet
Nomic App
Nomic Dev

Help me pick a name for the project I'm working on! It's basically a company structured as a game of Nomic[1] ruled by futarchy[2] with markets seeking to maximize profit and/or QALYs[3]. Ideally, some portion of profit will be distributed to users via sweepstakes and/or some portion of profit will be donated to effective charities[4]. I will choose the answer according to the domain name I end up buying and using to deploy the prototype. Whichever submission is closest to the domain name I buy and use will win. I will not buy domain names which cost more than $100 up front or more than $100 per year. (It's safe to say that if no cheap and pretty domain name is available for a given suggestion, I probably won't choose it.)
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futarchy
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality-adjusted_life_year
[4] https://www.givewell.org/

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Jul 11, 9:13pm: I've decided I'm likely going to go with "Choose Multiple" on this one, but I still haven't decided. I'm leaning towards "Nomic" and variations thereof.

Jul 14, 2:19pm: "Ergo" has regained my interest. I generally find myself liking names with no more than two or three syllables. Short and sweet.

Jul 19, 5:01pm: Currently considering the following domain names:
nomic.markets $ 19.36

nomic.bet $ 25.34

nomic.garden $ 38.33

nomic.app $ 23.29

nomic.systems $ 11.99

nomic.dev $ 16.39

nomic.dance $ 29.46

nomic.eco $ 78.36

ergo.bet $ 25.34

ergo.markets $ 19.36

ergo.garden $ 38.33

futanomic.com $ 16.59

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nevermind. it's not mainstream yet; it's a blockchain based dns alternative
the name collision is good actually
@cos But it's about futarchy!
@JoyVoid How do you think this compares with just "Nomic" sans suffix?
@JoyVoid Not sure how I feel about having a garden gnome as a mascot, but it all fits together so well.
@MartinRandall Mmm, I hope this doesn't make me sound too egotistical, but I love the way this rolls off the tongue.
@MartinRandall Ooh, I love this one! I'm a little worried about the naming collision with, well, you know, but I certainly love it.
Can you make another market on how many days it will be until someone exploits the rules to take all the profits?
@MartinRandall Haha, sure! I do intend to retain the right to veto market decisions until the ball gets rolling, so I don't foresee this being too much of a problem. Of course, at the end of the day, I'm a squishy, fallible human.
@cos between nomic and futarchy it sounds risky but at least you didn't say you're doing it as a smart contract on blockchain.
@cos You could take nomic.bet, nomic.garden, or nomic.company and make a subdomain on it: eco.nomic.company for instance
@Austin What are some good domain names for this one? Everything reasonable seems expensive.
@DavidChee (I don't know how much that's a good idea, typing manifold in github does not give the right result at all for instance. Being able to add "markets" to desambiguate is an important upside to consider in my opinion)
@JoyVoid Ooh, I agree! That sounds delightfully fancy.
(ergo garden does sound fancy :D )
@cos ergo.bet or ergo.garden are listed under $20. But thanks for pointing that out, missed it
@DavidChee Me too! But keep an eye on the resolution criteria.
@DavidChee Good point!
bought Ṁ10
If the game isn't too well known why dont u just yoink the name haha
bought Ṁ20
@JoyVoid I really like one-word names. (I want us to rebrand from Manifold Markets to Manifold :P)
Also counts as "ergo markets" or something similar
bought Ṁ10
Sounds fancy and dynamical, while having a play-on-word with nomic
I reordered the current suggestions in approximate order of preference. Please suggest more!
We were in a similar spot when creating Manifold... you should just do what we did and buy ALL the potential domains!
@ManifoldMarkets What motivated the change from Mantic to Manifold?
@cos Scott didn’t like the name collision with his Mantic Mondays subcolumn (which came first)