Will I be able to use YouTube with Ads Blocked in December 2023?
resolved Dec 3

See https://www.extremetech.com/computing/youtube-is-running-an-anti-ad-blocker-experiment

I'm using Firefox with uBlock Origin. Resolves YES if I can use youtube like I currently do at any point in December 2023. NO if, for ALL of December 2023, at least one of the following is true:

  • I get shown third-party ads despite using adblock (video sponsored segments don't count)

  • Watching videos with adblock enabled is prevented or significantly inhibited

  • I need to use "special tricks" -- e.g. VPN, or another extension, or userscripts, or very weird uBlock settings (very weird == judgement call)

I don't plan on getting premium, but if I do, I'll disable it or use a separate account while evaluating this market

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Just gave it a shot -- works fine.

Actually, so far I haven't noticed anything different. No 5-second delays, no 3-video warning, nothing. I'd be unaware that google is conducting this experiment if not for reports by other users.

My ublock is reporting "Last Updated November 11, 2023", I've just let firefox manage that automatically.

Seems like either I'm part of the control group, or this is just a good configuration.

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What if you can not do it on the official YouTube website but you can use a third-party website like yewtu.be?

I assume it resolves NO but just making sure

@ShadowyZephyr yeah, correct, still NO. That would fall under "special tricks".

AdBlock (title) is different from uBlock (description)

@xyz Updated title. I kinda treat "AdBlock" as a catch-all term for this kind of program, but I'll change if that's ambiguous.

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Hasn't worked for me since like last year. I just stopped using youtube altogether. Maybe you'll have better luck, but I'm betting against it. If nothing else, it'll offer the yes bettors incentive to show me how to outfox YT's ad crew.

@AndrewHartman should work if you click "purge all caches" then "update now" in settings.

@makeworld Shouldn't it count as "special tricks"?

predicted YES

@MrLuke255 no, all that does is force an update of the filters. The filters would get updated normally anyway, this is just a faster way to get the latest fixes.

@makeworld Ah, I thought you were referring to the browser cache for youtube, not the ad blocker cache