[Manifold Plays Chess 2] 5. O-O ...

We're playing as black this time. Check the game board at https://lichess.org/sLmZPb9nTcNv

This is a "Policy" market. The "Stake" market is

You can suggest any move here, but in order to vote on a move you need to be holding YES in the stake market.

In order to vote, you should make a comment that says "!VOTE <move>". Only your latest vote counts. I'll randomly select a suggested move, weighted by the number of YES shares held by the users who voted for it. The precise evaluation time will be "some point soon after this market closes" but I'm not committing to any particular time.

This market resolves to the chosen move, and that move will be used for the continuation of the game.

"Resign" is a valid move.

Previous move:

deagol avatarResign
JoshuaB avatara5
DesTiny avatarKe7
deagol avatarh6

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Daniel Tello
sold Ṁ3 of Resign

is it just me or these randoms tend to be high?

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@citrinitas your random number is: 117005

Salt: fiyqJQ56G0ZtZfcrOR1d, round: 2642987 (signature 92c2f741796273f9d1754d9aa8e0d483add0be910a9cd52dd6cc5b9d40f1347f336ac001e620b95600f975368ae17fd70d716b05e48d48121849d23c4c76148d10ed60ae87c1666c19f966068799bf392943debdf02a0d9b58a53df3e5219e17)

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@citrinitas you asked for a random integer between 1 and 132878, inclusive. Coming up shortly!

Source: GitHub, previous round: 2642985 (latest), offset: 2, selected round: 2642987, salt: fiyqJQ56G0ZtZfcrOR1d.

citrinitas avatar
citrinitas avatar

What a ride. Yall broke my evaluation script, somehow, so give me a minute to double check this

@citrinitas voted Resign (weight 40)

@deagol voted h6 (weight 110)

@Fion voted O-O (weight 38)

@DesTiny voted Ke7 (weight 882)

@JoshuaB voted a5 (weight 731)

@jack voted d4 (weight 129618)

@TenShino voted c6 (weight 1459)


Resign: 40

h6: 110

O-O: 38

Ke7: 882

a5: 731

d4: 129618

c6: 1459

To be chosen from a random draw 1-132878

1-40 = Resign

41-150 = h6

151-188 = O-O

189-1070 = Ke7

1071-1801 = a5

1802-131419 = d4

131420-132878 = c6

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@citrinitas Oh, weird -- the way my script was breaking was that @jack's share count was off from what was displayed in the UI, but the UI has since updated to the number my script was showing.

I'm glad it didn't affect things this time, and I'll trust the script numbers (taken from manifold's API) going forward

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Mikhail Samin
sold Ṁ34 of O-O
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!VOTE Resign

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Ten Shino
bought Ṁ100 of d4

!VOTE c6

jack avatar
bought Ṁ100 of d4

!VOTE d4

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@jack 🫣🍿

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bought Ṁ10 of a5

!VOTE a5

DesTiny avatar


Fion avatar


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Mikhail Samin
bought Ṁ100 of O-O


deagol avatar

!VOTE h6

Daniel Tello
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Daniel Tello
bought Ṁ3

@deagol best to get level 3 stockfish off book

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@deagol Sounds reasonable. !VOTE h6

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Reminder: your vote only counts if you've got a YES position in the stake market.

Think of it like stocks in a company. YES shares in https://manifold.markets/citrinitas/will-black-win-in-manifold-plays-ch are voting shares. If you've got a massive short position, you don't get to vote. Or rather, you can vote, but it doesn't count and I'll ignore it.

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bought Ṁ10 of O-O