Will a quarter of Americans morally accept polygamy in 2024, according to Gallup?
Jul 1

Gallup polls Americans every year in May on the moral acceptability of a diverse list of issues. Gallup lists an annual poll on the moral acceptability of polygamy as far back as 2003, when 7% of Americans considered polygamy morally acceptable.

In 2023, polygamy was morally acceptable to 23% of Americans, the same percent as it was in 2022, both the highest it has ever been since polling began.

Will Gallup polling show 25% or more of Americans consider polygamy morally acceptable in 2024?

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poly rights

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@evergreenemily (In all seriousness: wow, I wasn't expecting it to be that high. With national numbers like that, it's probably at least 40% in some states.)

@evergreenemily Gallup in 2020 said acceptance is as high as 34% among young people; wish I could find a breakdown of their data, state-by-state would be interesting!

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@cash I know a lot of poly young people (including myself, my partner, and our maybe-a-mutual-partner-it's-complicated,) so that tracks!

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