Will a federal election be called in Canada before the end of 2024?

Canada is a parliamentary democracy and an election can be called at any time by the party in government, or by Parliament through a vote of no confidence.

The next federal election could happen as late as 20 Oct 2025, and could begin as few as 36 days before then. That would make 14 Sep 2025 the latest possible date for the next Canadian election to be called.

Justin Trudeau's minority government, which is polling below the official opposition, has a confidence-and-supply agreement with the NDP.

Justin Trudeau could call a snap election to capitalize on a change in polling, or the NDP could withdraw their support for the government.

This question resolves YES if a federal election is called before the end of 2024, even if voting takes places in 2025. If no election is called before 1 Jan 2025, this question resolves NO.

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