Will a critically acclaimed video game feature AI-generated dialogue in 2025?

The "AI-generated dialogue" is any dialogue generated live during play using artificial intelligence, such as GPT-4. If the developers of a game say that their scripts were co-written or fully written with AI beforehand, this would not count. Mods do not count, only the game as released by the developers.

To make verification easy for whether a game is "critically acclaimed" I will check Wikipedia's section for 2025 games that won awards at awards shows or achieved high scores from Metacritic.

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The criterion to make it into the "Critically acclaimed" category on Wikipedia is a Metascore of 90 or above. This makes "Walkabout Mini Golf" a classic game for 2023.

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@jgyou Critically acclaimed because it used a new technology effectively. Rings a bell??

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@jgyou Half-Life 3 Confirmed


@firstuserhere Don't underestimate the potential for an indie sleeper hit!

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## Reasons to have AI-generated dialogue in a videogame:
- It's more dynamic and adaptable than a normal dialogue tree.
- Players might like screwing with it.
## Reasons not to have AI-generated dialogue in a videogame:
- Reasonably good LLMs don't run fast enough to be hosted locally, and people don't like online-only games.
- If you're using online hosting, you either have to pay another company to do it, which would make the future uncertain, or do it yourself, which is more overhead.
- No guarantee about how it will respond.
- You still have to put in the leg work to hook it up to the rest of the game systems, which does not have much prior work to build off of, and could turn out to be a highly complex task.
- You still have to pay writers to set up the context and world.
- You'll be paying for AI bandwidth until you shut down the servers, at which point that part of your game stops working, if not the entire thing.
- You'll be inviting ethical criticism for using an LLM in your game.

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What is a high score?

@ErrorProne Per Wikipedia's page, 90 or higher.

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