Will Sam Altman be considered a grifter by 2030?

On the 1st of January 2030, a poll will be launched with the question: "Is Sam Altman a grifter?"

If the word "grifter" falls out of popular use by that time, the question will read:
"Is Sam Altman a grifter (i.e. snake oil salesman, scam artist)"?

The poll will be open for 1 month; if the majority of votes say "YES", this question will resolve to "YES", if not, it will resolve to "NO".

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He is already considered a grifter by most normal people isn't he? Do two-thirds of people here think he will be seen in a more favorable light in 6 years and if so why? I don't get why this is 69% NO at all

@bluerat no, he isn't considered a grifter by most normal people

@Bair can you elaborate on what you mean by this? Everyone I've talked to about him seemed to think he was, although most of them seem to think anything involving cryptocurrency is a scam. Only 14% of americans think more than half of cryptocurrency companies are legitimate, so just the fact he ran a cryptocurrency company makes most people assume he's a scammer before you even start talking about what he did. A 2023 poll found 73% of people who had heard of sbf thought he should be convicted. I imagine the fact he was convicted would make that number go up. I get that this isn't really about "average" people as manifold users skew more accepting of cryptocurrencies etc. But i am pretty sure he is considered a grifter by most people

@bluerat it's your bubble. Run a poll "is Sam Altman a grifter" and you'll see what I mean. How is SBF relevant here?

@Bair oh, that's embarrassing, i confused sbf and sam altman, my bad, that explains the confusion

@bluerat oh, now it makes sense :)

@bluerat Hahahaha, the funny thing is that Sam Altman also has crypto involvement, so I would've never guessed you were actually talking about SBF.