Will Poland implement a new electoral system for the Sejm before 2030?

This prediction market resolves positively if the Polish government passes a new electoral law for the Sejm that changes the current system in a significant and meaningful way, as determined by experts and political analysts, and the law is signed and implemented before January 1st, 2030. This includes, but is not limited to, introducing a new voting method or changing the way seats are allocated. Changes that do not alter the fundamental nature of the current system, such as increasing the number of polling stations in rural areas, do not count towards resolution. If no such law is passed and implemented, the prediction market will resolve negatively.

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how about gerrymandering? Is it a significant way?

@itsTomekK If done with a new law, then yes, I guess. I am not an expert here, far from it, so I am open to suggestions. Right now examples of what I think would be significant is a legislative change in the number (a move to 100 was floated) or a change in the drawing rules (not following county boundaries) for districts.

Obecną liczbę – 41 – i kształt okręgów wyborczych reguluje Ustawa z dnia 5 stycznia 2011 r. – Kodeks wyborczy (Dz.U. z 2011 r. nr 21, poz. 113 z późn. zm.). (…) Okręgi wyborcze do Sejmu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej obejmują obszar całości lub części województwa, przy czym ich granice nie mogą naruszać granic powiatów wchodzących w ich skład. [Wikipedia]

@bogdan agreed