Will One Of The Top 5 American Newspapers Use The Word "Transbian" By August 2024?
Aug 2

For the purposes of this question, the top five american newspapers are:

1. The Wall Street Journal

2. The New York Times

3. USA Today

4. The Washington Post

5. Los Angeles Times

The question will be decided by doing a google search for "transbian" site:newspaper for each of the five newpapers on the day the question closes. If there are any articles where "transbian" appears in the headline or body, the question resolves YES. NO otherwise.

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Free market research for you all: "lesbophobia" and "transbian" have around the same number of hits on google trends, but lesbophobia has appeared a few times in these newspapers 🤔

@blackle OTOH, google ngrams shows a large number of usages of the word "lesbophobia" but doesn't register "transbian" at all...

@blackle At least to me the meaning of "lesbophobia" is clear reading it for the first time, meanwhile I'd be more likely to google for "transbian"

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