Will a successor to GPT-3 (e.g. GPT-4) be announced in 2022?
Resolves YES if OpenAI announces GPT-4 in 2022. Also resolves YES if OpenAI releases a clear successor to GPT-3 that resembles the step change in capabilities from GPT-2 to GPT-3, but is not named GPT-4.
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Victor Levoso
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Does chatgpt count?.

It seems better at some tasks, though it's hard to tell how much, and it might actually be using diferent models depending on context.

I think there is still going to be a "gpt4" model but that might take longer.

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OpenAI says ChatGPT was fine-tuned from a model in the "GPT3.5" series. I'd say it doesn't count.

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@wadimiusz The announcement email I got from OpenAI had the subject "New GPT-3 model: text-davinci-003", so I'd say it doesn't count.

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@VictorLevoso btw, chatgpt is so bad lol. I'm not impressed. it's significantly worse than t-d-3

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Victor Levoso
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@bcongdon That's a different model that released arround the same time.

I think it doesn't count anyway for the reason vadim mentions.

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Claims: https://twitter.com/alyssamvance/status/1544416581551136768 (FWIW, I won't resolve unless there's a marketing *announcement* by OpenAI, regardless of the capabilities of the GPT-* API)
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@bcongdon text-davinci-002 isn't GPT-4 at all

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@bcongdon text-davinci-003 was announced last night. they are basically viewed as just incremental GPT-3 variants though.