Will GPT-4 be released before March 31st, 2023?
resolved Mar 14

Stuff like beta access, alpha access, early access, etc. counts.

Screenshots/announcements/demos without anyone outside OpenAI able to access them will not count.
Any release before the end of March 31st (PST) counts (API, Playground only, etc.).

Release must be publicly announced, rumors or anecdotes don't count.
Resolution based on my best judgment.

Dec 14, 5:46pm: Will GPT4 be released before March 31th, 2023? → Will GPT-4 be released before March 31th, 2023?

Feb 4, 12:50pm: Will GPT-4 be released before March 31th, 2023? → Will GPT-4 be released before March 31st, 2023?

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Eli but Chad

I just tried out GPT-4 via ChatGPT Plus.

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Time to resolve!

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Ziquafty Nnypredicted NO
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Gamer Bath (GamerGutten)predicted NO

This investment of mine is clearly going great!

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Sampredicted YES

@GamerBathGamerGutten You and me both lol

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Juan Pablopredicted YES
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Juan Pablopredicted YES
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Polite of the Manifold admins to buy in at 99.7% to give everyone else liquidity to exit early.

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TFW your AI will suggest sterilization but not cigarettes

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Imagine your only competitive advantage being a little more spend than the llama farm

Plus broken ethics that make your model wrong

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Gigacastingsold Ṁ20 of NO

ITT they admit wokifying the model makes it less calibrated

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ah, sorry for reposting, didnt see it posted already

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@rockenots Sam is "excited 4 today"

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@rockenots Pi day was the Schelling point. We should've known.

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Nathan Youngpredicted NO

So I would like a determination here. How would this market resolve if:

GPT4 is "unveiled" before March 31st but there is no public alpha, but a microsoft employee tweets "I was using it yesterday and it was really good" before march 31st.

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Gigacastingpredicted NO

Look these fools

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@Gigacasting Look history and gpt2 fool

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Gigacastingpredicted NO

Remember when they refused to release GPT-2 because they said it was harmful and risked destroying the fabric of society

(And now you can get a million words for $2, or run a superior model to GPT-3.5 on your MacBook 🤔)

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Brian T. Edwardspredicted NO

@Gigacasting I fully expect them to pull that one out of the bag every third or fourth release just to remind everyone they are building silicon gods everyone should be simultaneously terrified of and longing for. LMFAO.