Will Manifold run a "bootcamp" for prediction markets?
resolved Jan 1

they've hosted 1 day sessions, but there was a conversation with one of the team that said it might be interesting to do it for longer. the idea is that there is more tactility to the markets in question if people there interact in real life and with prediction markets. kind of a social experiment, but i would suppose the users would learn more about the prediction markets/manifold markets/etc spheres. since manifold houses so many different groups this would probably expose a lot of people as well.

of course there was a no from another, but that was a "subquestion," so perhaps not really...

if by market resolve there is a bootcamp supported by Manifold Markets with at least 10 members running for at least 1 week with at least 20 markets created total, I will consider this a yes.

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i dont believe there were any; at camps there were ones being run, idk about any hosted specifically by manifold :(

i would imaging this is like the lurkshop run by lesswrong (https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/r8K8ddYDYNrPJRFyC/lesswrong-readers-are-invited-to-apply-to-the-lurkshop), although im not totally sure what the lurkshop is like -- just the idea that "if manifold and some of these questions interest you and potentially motivate you, apply/come and figure stuff out together!"