Will I be part of a wedding party before the end of 2025?

I don't have a very large extended family (that we're in contact with). Most adults in my family are already married, and no one is currently engaged.

Although there is one possible tentative lead that I may have in my family? Someone might be having a late ceremony in the summer (after eloping in January). But I'm not very sure about it, because it was only mentioned to me once and I don't know if its happening, if I can make it, or if I would even be in the wedding party if/when it happens.

But yeah I really can't think of almost any possible weddings I could be invited to, other than that.

I have actually been in a wedding party before once, as a "junior bridesmaid" to my mom's cousin (I was 8 and super salty that I was apparently too old to be a flower girl lol), but that doesn't count for the purposes of this market.

Anyway I hope so!!!

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Clarification: For this to resolve yes, I must be part of the "wedding party" (i.e. have a role in the wedding). If I go to a party for a wedding, or if I go to a wedding and party — but I am not in the wedding party — then that does not count.