Will I get married by 2035?
closes 2034

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GustavoLacerda avatarGustavo Lacerda
32% chance
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19% chance
Will I date someone new in 2023?
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Will I get a girlfriend this year?
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What portion of my family will call me Olivia at the main Christmas event in 2023?
Will I have a baby by the end of 2025?
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16% chance
Will I have a girlfriend by September 1, 2024?
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Will I be part of a wedding party before the end of 2025?
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Will my partner and I adopt at least one cat by the end of 2023?
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Will my girlfriend and I remain together by January 2024?
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64% chance
Will I consider myself in a relationship by the end of the year?
Wobbles avatarWobbles
75% chance
will i get a girlfriend by the end of 2023
Nereos avatarNereos
17% chance
Will @TobiasVyseri and I still be romantically involved at the beginning of 2026? [M$1000 subsidy]
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57% chance
Will I still be with my current girlfriend by the end of the year
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80% chance
Will I attend any weddings in 2024?
derikk avatarDerik K
41% chance
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