UBI in the US by 2030?

Will any US municipality have a Universal Basic Income of at least $500/mo by the end of 2030? At least 2/3 of people over 18 must be eligible, assuming their income was $0 and they weren't looking for a job.

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I wish, but no

Those criteria are pretty far from what most would consider UBI.

@Primer I tried to make it maximally inclusive of what people might call UBI

@Primer maybe municipality was the wrong word? I meant that a federal, state or city level program would all count. Jurisdiction maybe?

Sorry, seems like I missed your replies. The bigger issue is what counts as UBI. UBI should be more universal and more basic. I imagine something like:

Will at least 99% of citizens in any jurisdiction receive an income of at least $500/mo by 2030?