Will we have end to end AI generated anime series by the end of 2026?

Script, animation, music, character avatars, character voices, what else?- all of which are AI generated. Doesn't have to be a single multimodal model, the humans can do the stitching then together work.

Counts as series of there's atleast one coherent story line across multiple episodes. #episodes must be >=3.

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Editing title for clarity.

This is interesting: https://twitter.com/offworldbound/status/1641452097983123456 - a short film with script dialog, voices, and concept imagery generated by AI. How far off can an Anime be?

This market's first equilibrium has been found at 50% wow

Does it have to be produced by a major studio? Does it have to be non-awful, or does it count if it's barely coherent that people would only watch for the novelty, the same way they do for paper demos?

Same markets for different years: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027:

@firstuserhere and also, 2028.

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