Will OpenAI release an AI product with a cool name by Jan 1, 2025?

This is going to be a subjective market so please feel free to skip it, or duplicate it to make one that relies on an objective criteria.




code interpreter -> come on, this is super useful for people who dont code and you name it code interpreter? come on.


None of these are really cool or good names for products. GPT makes sense as it describes what it is, but its not a cool name for a product. Will OpenAI release a product with a cool name in the next 1.5 years?

Whisper was actually a decent one, but yeah, not that good of a name for a Speech to Text product..

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How cool is sora?

what’s wrong with Dall-E? Also I think Gemini is cool

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@ShadowyZephyr There is nothing wrong with it, i like the name, but have you tried to introduce it to someone who's never heard of what DALL.E is?

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@ShadowyZephyr Yeah I agree, Gemini is not bad, but Gemini is not by OpenAI

@firstuserhere DALL-E being a pun on Dalí and WALL-E might not be cool, but normies seem to get it, it's something. I don't mind it. "cool" I guess means something else though.

I understand the aversion to "cool" names. Using them can have diminishing returns, because coolness is relative and if you start out too cool it gets harder to make the next model sound cooler even though it's better. With incrementing integers you know where you stand...

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From Wikipedia

> The software's name is a portmanteau of the names of animated robot Pixar character WALL-E and the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.[10][1]

How is this not cool? Could you give some better resolution criteria? If not, for some additional data, are "CLIP", "Gemini", "AlphaGo", "AlphaZero", "AlphaFold", "AlexNet", "BERT" each cool names or not?

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@ArthurConmy BERT is not a cool name, AlphaFold is.

I think the story behind Hinton, Ilya and AlexNet is cool, but I'm trying to put myself in the frame of someone who is not in tech at all.

Someone who doesn't know that Midjourney exists and I introduce it to them for the first time. "Here, let's complete text with ... uhh Generative PreTrained Transformer version 3.5 ha ha". Gemini is ok, not uncool, maaaybe cool. Bard is very bad, so is BingAI.

I mean its sort of aesthetic? "iPhone" is clean vs "XPC Phone gen 3.1 v2" is not