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Anyone can give money. Try giving your TIME.

@Testiecool Most charities will tell you the opposite. https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/ZpDnRCeef2CLEFeKM/money-the-unit-of-caring

If you are trying to make yourself feel good, or trying to understand a problem better, or otherwise doing something that requires having the firsthand experience, by all means spend some time. I've done both. But if you're trying to do the most good for the charity, generally you should do whatever you're best at and donate money to charity.

@josh I am making myself feel good, thank you for asking. Hmm. Your argument might have some merit. Do you have any more up-to-date information perhaps?

@Testiecool I'm really good at giving passengers ferry rides. That makes me $30 per hour.

Taking extra hours and donating the excess to charity seems more useful than quitting my job and working for a charity.

I know very little about providing vitamin A supplements in third world countries, and it would likely take a lot of training to make me even adequate.

An hour of my time at my regular job can provide 29 vitamin A supplements via Helen Keller International.

@TiredCliche I don't think any of you understand that within 5-15 miles of every single user on this site there are people that would greatly benefit from simple human interaction. I'm not suggesting you quit your job - at no point did I say that. Everyone has free time. I'm suggesting you spend some of that on other people. There are "reoccurring" characters in your life that aren't family you could reach out too. There are various things you can do for your local community that don't take that much time per week. I'm also not suggesting you provide any amount of vitamins to anyone. Some of the people reading this have family members they know are lonely and in some cases terminally ill - reach out. It's easy to give money and feel like you don't need to take actual action to make the world a better place. Charity isn't just resources and supplies. There's nothing wrong with giving money. Everyone gives money. So few are willing to give time.

@Testiecool Hm. I interact with thousands of people every day. Just yesterday, I met a random woman at my job who wanted to get on a ferry, and I bought her ticket for her. I engage in a lot of simple human interaction with total strangers.

You say everyone gives money. Do they? Are money and time really that different? I have taken extra shifts and donated all the money I have gotten from those shifts to charity. I could have refused those shifts. Isn't that the same as donating time?

@TiredCliche Then why are you so upset and acting like you don't give time lol? No giving money and time aren't the same. For most people it's a much easier decision to give money than time. The more wealthy they are generally the more they prefer to just give money than time.

@TiredCliche Just want to say I applaud you for your generosity :)

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