Which donors should Manifold for Charity fundraise from?
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Now that we've launched the Manifund Regranting program, we'd like to find more money to pay for stuff like this! So far, Manifold for Charity has received ~$2.4m in funding:

  • $1.5m from a single anonymous donor, for regranting

  • $400k from Survival and Flourishing Funds, unrestricted

  • $500k from Future Fund, for the manifold.markets/charity program

  • ~$10k from a wedding

We'd like to raise a total of ~$10m by the end of the year, to distribute via regrantors, impact certs, or other systems we come up with.

Funders we're currently considering include:

  • OpenPhil

  • Jaan Tallin

  • Vitalik Buterin

  • Schmidt Futures

(we haven't approached any of them yet, and who knows if they will be on board)

I'd like to issue 3 types of bounties:

  • M200 bounty for every donor suggested who I hadn't previously considered and end up reaching out to

  • M500 bounty for making a warm intro; and

  • M2000 bounty for every donor that we end up receiving significant amounts of money from

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Luke Ding might be interested

The subreddit r/neoliberal regularly participates in charity drives for the Against Malaria Foundation and is pretty pro-forecasting in general.

Their last fundraiser brought in $150,000 in donations.

Perhaps the mod team there would be interested in a collaboration?


Maybe ask Emmett Shear on twitter if he's interested?

Mark Cuban


Any and all the guys from the All-in podcast and My First Million podcast. Seth Godin. Peter Mallouk. Tim Ferris. Scott Galloway.