Will Mistral-Large's model weights be available within 90 days of release?

Since it looks like Mistral-Medium's weights got leaked (see https://manifold.markets/Vergissfunktor/is-miqu-a-leak-of-the-mistralmedium) and Mistral-Large is likely coming soon (https://manifold.markets/Mira/what-month-will-mistrallarge-be-rel), what will happen when the inevitable Mistral-Large is released?

A model will count as Mistral-Large if it is either worthy of that name, or explicitly given that name, or both.

Resolves to YES if within 90 days of its deployment for public use of some kind, we can download the model weights to Mistral-Large, whether or not those weights come from an official source.

Resolves to NO if within 90 days of its deployment, we cannot download those weights.

If after 90 days there is uncertainty over whether they are available (e.g. a leak we cannot authenticate or disprove) we will either resolve to a percentage or delay, based on whether we can expect clarity soon.

Resolves N/A if nothing worthy of or given the name Mistral-Large is released by EOY 2025.

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It's on the azure store and MS would mald hard (?sue) if Mistral were to leak weights