Will "Dune: Part Two" have a higher critics score than "Furiosa" on Rotten Tomatoes? (Two weeks after release)
Jun 8

Rotten Tomatoes pages:

I will use the "Tomatometer" scores (i.e. critics, not audience).


  • For reference, currently Fury Road has a RT score of 97%, versus 83% for "Dune" (2021). These are the equivalent numbers I will use.

  • I will use the the listed percentage score, however RT chooses to round it. Thus, if both Dune 2 & Furiosa list RT scores of 90%, this market would resolve NO (as their listed scores are equal), whereas if Dune 2 listed a score of 91%, it would resolve YES.

  • I will check both RT pages on June 7th (two weeks after the release of Furiosa), and resolve the markets based on the score I find. While I doubt the scores will still be shifting, I can't promise exactly when I'll have time to check and resolve the market on that day. And note that it resolves based on the status of both scores on June 7th ("two weeks after Dune 2's release" is irrelevant to resolution).

  • If any aspects of the resolution criteria are unclear, please ask.

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