Will Villeneuve's DUNE part 2 receive a higher IMDB rating than DUNE part 1 by end of 2026?

Resolves YES if DUNE part 2 has a higher IMDB rating than DUNE part 1 by 31-DEC-2026.

Resolves NO if otherwise.

Current DUNE part 1 IMDB rating is 8.0

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Currently at a 9.0

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As long as the movie is good, there might be a sequel effect, where people who liked the first one are more likely to go see the second one and rate it highly. People who disliked the first one probably won't bother with going to see it and rating it. 2026 seems far enough out to avoid a NO by default due to delays.

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I feel like the actual bet here as a movie goer and/or critic of IMDB is going to be a toss up between these two styles of cinema 1) Plot, aesthetic, character building or 2) Action (as a result of 1st movie, i.e the rise and fall of the hero and antagonist). The first Dune was beautiful and bewitching, but lacked that fast pace "slash and dash" vibe that most top tier films of the last 20 years carried. I think the second movie will be more thrilling, but I think they will compliment each other well, given the dedication to the structure and flow of the first film.

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Going in on no. Have you read Dune recently? The second half is totally cracked out. I'm looking forward to seeing how they portray a full cognizant infant in a way that makes sense to people 🤣

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I think the part containing all the resolutions of the arcs is probably going to have to be higher rated unless he somehow screws it all up. Which is possible, but improbable, I think - he seems pretty careful thus far.

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All other things being equal, I would expect a better rating just because pt2 won't end on a cliffhanger, and will contain almost all of the meat of the story.

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