Will my girlfriend and I remain together by January 2024?
resolved Jan 3

Resolves to yes if we're still officially romantically involved by 2024.

Context: My girlfriend and I are in a poly relationship and have been together for a very short time (less than 3 months). We entered into the relationship under the explicit understanding that it would be short-term because she would be moving across the country in the fall. Both of us have expressed interest in the possibility of continuing the relationship after the move. She moves mid September, and we've made plans already for me to visit her at least once post-move.

(I went ahead and threw M150 into yes to get it started)

Update: She will not be moving until February.

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Thank you for participating in the market, we are still together and I will be creating a new market for the next milestone soon. If anyone has issues with the resolution outcome I'm willing to work to provide an effective way to verify.

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@Vespie, are you still active?

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@dph121 i am!

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Update: her move date was pushed back through February of next year.

@CoryS this heavily increases the likelihood the market resolves YES.

Does she know that this market exists?

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@CoryS She does not (yet), I will probably tell her post market resolution.

@Vespie If you decide to tell her while the market is still open, let me know first so I can load the boat on NO.

Lmao, but really good luck in your relationship. :)

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@CoryS hahaha I think that would have too much influence on the outcome. I will resolve this NO early though if we break up.

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