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closes Dec 30
Market resolution is YES. But.... Undox will not resolve it.
This market resolves YES. But like many many markets on MM, I will disappear into the sunset and never resolve it. But it is ethically a YES. Maybe an admin will come in and sort this out? (I.e. like discussed in https://manifold.markets/M/what-happens-when-market-creator-le-a60924d5a2b4). Apr 11, 10:09am: https://manifold.markets/M/what-happens-when-market-creator-le-a60924d5a2b4
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Why anyone would bet on this obvious rugpull is beyond me.
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@EnopoletusHarding Essentially, people hope that at some point, there will be a mechanism to force market creators to resolve abandoned markets to their actual outcome. That would probably be a good thing for Manifold as a whole.
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@EnopoletusHarding the other potential way to profit is to bet early, then wait until others follow you, then sell your shares at a higher price.
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@Sjlver Still not rational even considering that.
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Just create a caste of "honorable men" who resolve other people's markets. The admins are overworked already.
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@EnopoletusHarding there's only been one buy since loans were dropped.
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is predicting YES at 91%
#Abandoned :)
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sold Ṁ22 of YES
Nay loans :(
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bought Ṁ20 of YES
Yay loans.
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I fixed the link parsing to not include parentheses!
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Martin Randall
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Link is broken