Will the Tumbles Financial Complex experience a crisis and require a bailout?

This market resolves YES if both of these conditions are met:
1. The 'Tumbles Credit Score' market resolves YES
2. The 'Tumbles Creditor Insurance' market resolves NO, or a month has passed after the credit score market has resolved

This market resolves NO if either of those markets resolve the opposite way.

Basically, this market resolves YES if Tumbles would default on his loans, but avoids it by buying mana or getting bailed out.

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@6ix The 2000 counts as a gift, and thus doesn't count towards my net worth for the purposes of the credit score market. So if I end up losing enough mana that this 2000 is the only reason I'm able to pay off a debt, this market will resolve YES.

@Tumbles Ahhh, I got excited by the wording. Totally agree with you on the specifics after reading the market description.