In 2024 will a celebrity loudly claim a scandalous video is a deepfake, even though it is not?

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This market resolves based on a celebrity drama involving a video. The video should be at least 30 seconds long and widely circulated by corporate media outlets. The celebrity can be in politics or entertainment or media, but as in the linked market, the baseline of "celebrity" should be a mainstream celebrity with a Wikipedia page.

The celebrity should insist -- loudly, publicly, and repeatedly -- that the video is fake. This will be a bit subjective, but it's not enough for the celebrity to just muse, "Well, you can't prove that's not a deepfake." It must be taking a stand: That's not me! That was faked by my enemies!

Probably right away it will be clear to many or most people that the video is not fake, but the celebrity will claim it anyway, and of course some people will believe the celebrity. And by the end of 2024 I will judge whether the evidence is compelling or not.

Resolves YES if a celebrity takes such a stand, and if the video in question is not compellingly shown to be a deepfake by the end of 2024.

Resolves NO if no such widely-circulated drama takes place this year. It doesn't have to be a Jesse-Smollette-sized drama, but it should be big enough that I hear about it in more than one place.

Also resolves NO if such a drama seems to be taking place, and yet eventually the video is compellingly shown to be a deepfake. Like, the celebrity was right, and it was a deepfake.

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What's the definition of a "celebrity"?

Not a celebrity claim, but regarding a Kate Middleton video, "some social media users were primed for skepticism. A note...fanned more conspiracy theories over the video’s authenticity. There is no evidence, according to researchers, that the video is a deepfake, and agencies routinely attach such notes to content given to them by third parties."

The celebrity should be incriminated in the scandal, by the way. Not just some random celebrity with some random unrelated scandal.

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