Will the Conservatives / Tories win more than 160 seats at the next UK general election?
Dec 31

Created due to other markets being far more bearish for the Tories than I expected!


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The way the Tories are doing, they would probably regards 160 seats as a lot better than expected.

This polling is pre-Farage, IMO it should now be treated as best case for the Conservatives.

@Noit I never thought I'd root for the Tories but I'm down a lot of mana here 😅

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Huh. Really? Threat from Reform?

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They got 165 in the labour landslide in 1997. I think <161 is what would be referred to as a "drubbing".

It would. having said that, I think they'll be lucky to get 100 seats. In one poll they has a lower vote share than Reform.

Yeah I just heard! Astonishing.

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