What will the charity with the most cost-effective intervention+region on Givewell's spreadsheet at the end of 2022 do?
resolved Jan 1
24%Vitamin A Supplementation
7%Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Net Distributions
1.9%Unconditional Cash Transfers
17%Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention
7%Conditional Cash Transfers for Immunization
My previous question ( https://manifold.markets/Tetraspace/what-will-the-most-costeffective-ch ) resolved N/A because Givewell has stopped aggregating overall effectivenesses for charities, instead "expect[ing] to focus [their] allocation decisions for these organizations on specific country-level funding gaps" ( https://www.givewell.org/how-we-work/our-criteria/cost-effectiveness/cost-effectiveness-models/changelog-2021#Change_19_Remove_overall_cost-effectiveness_estimates_for_AMF_Malaria_Consortium_Helen_Keller_International_Sightsavers_END_Fund_and_Deworm_the_World ) This will resolve to the intervention performed by the charity with the highest value of "Cost-effectiveness in multiples of cash transfers, after all adjustments", in any of the regions in which it operates. Currently, this is Vitamin A Supplementation, due to Hellen Keller International's score of 57.6 in Niger. Apr 6, 11:01pm: Correction: Currently, this is Deworming, due to Sightsavers' score of 62.1 in Niger State.
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Tetra answered
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@Tetraspace Looks like it's Sightsavers in Niger State, with 62.9

Tetra answered
Vitamin A Supplementation
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