If Kamala Harris becomes the Democratic nominee, will she win the 2024 election?
Nov 3
Kamala Harris is currently the Vice President of the US, elected in 2020 on the Biden/Harris ticket. One consideration for the Democratic party when choosing a nominee is how likely they are to actually win an election. I thus ask how likely Harris is to win the presidency, if she is chosen as the Democratic the nominee. This resolves N/A if Kamala Harris is not the Democratic nominee, and YES or NO depending on whether she becomes the president if she is the nominee. #Politics #USPolitics #2024USPresidentialElection Jan 15, 5:44pm: #KamalaHarris
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Most likely matchup is Harris v Trump, and I think Harris wins that one. Harris v anyone else would be much harder but still possible. If there isn't an edge case, like Biden dying in 2024, Harris would have to win a contested primary, and if she's able to do that it would increase my confidence of her winning in the general.