Midjourney v6 comes out before July 1 2023
closes 2024

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Midjourney v6 comes out in 202394%
Midjourney v7 comes out before September 1 202348%
Midjourney v7 comes out before 202481%
Midjourney allows sexy prompts before July 202416%
Midjourney releases a generator for 3d art or resources in 202338%
Midjourney can create correct text in images by 8/1/202354%
Midjourney images can be effectively watermarked by 5/202526%
Midjourney will be able to create images of people with different facial expressions before 202480%
Midjourney is credited by name in a movie which is nominated for an Oscar before 4/202859%
"humanity starts interfacing with alien gods and shit goes really crazy" by 2023-August?10%
Will more people travel between cities by self driving car than by inter city rail before 203736%
Will there be a remake of Groundhog Day before July 203551%
A self described Solarpunk movie has a theatre release before Halloween 203063%
Puzzle AGI by 202833%
AI Movies by 202773%
Puzzle AGI by 202516%
MA4 does unconf2 in 202350%
Ramez Naam publishes a novel before 203141%
A new image generation system comes out which has accurate text generation, and interest in it surpasses Stable diffusion and Midjourney58%
Microsoft releases a linux distro by 202556%