Joel Haver wins an academy award before 2030
closes 2030

Joel Haver is an amazingly great indie film maker who doesn't care about the Academy Awards at all.

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Ramez Naam publishes a novel before 203141%
Public figure comes out as a living performance art project before 203022%
Scott Alexander publishes a "Death with Dignity" style post before 203013%
WW3: by 203020%
WW3: by 204025%
Covid-related fiction movie comes out grossing >30m USD in the US before 203369%
My friend, a Yale Economics PhD in his 4th year, will be in academia in 2029.49%
Pickleball will be an Olympic sport by 203732%
The Elam ending will used in an Olympics basketball game before 204048%
WW3: by 205036%
Techno-Optimism for 203044%
Wuhan Institute of Virology defector before 204043%
There will be a change to the permanent members of the UN Security council before 204037%
Cloned historical figure born before 203621%
Midjourney will be able to create images of people with different facial expressions before 202480%
Civilian nuclear accident in the US before 203023%
"Shangri-La diet" theory becomes widely accepted by scientists before 2030.9%
Resolves No in 20301%
Resolves No in 21002%
Daniel Kokotajlo’s P(Doom) falls below 50% before the end of 202717%