2024 NFL Offseason - The Quarterback Carousel
Sep 5
Kyler Murray - Cardinals
Caleb Williams - Bears
Jayden Daniels - Commanders
Kirk Cousins - Falcons
Will Levis - Titans
Russell Wilson - Steelers
Jacoby Brissett - Patriots
Bo Nix - Broncos
Sam Darnold - Vikings
Gardner Minshew - Raiders
Drake Maye - Patriots
Aiden O'Connell - Raiders
JJ McCarthy - Vikings
Drew Lock - Giants
Jarrett Stidham - Broncos
Justin Fields - Steelers
Michael Penix Jr. - Falcons
Sam Howell - Seahawks
Jake Browning - Bengals
Mac Jones - Jacksonville Jaguars

Open answer to put your own as info comes in (or you want to speculate).

Will resolve "YES" to any Quarterback pairing that was not together for the start of the 2023-24 NFL season (i.e. Patrick Mahomes- Chiefs would not be valid, and I would resolve it N/A) that is the starter for the first game of the 2024-25 NFL season for the team (injuries count if a QB would be a starter but can't because they are injured then they would resolve as "NO").

Closes the day before the first game (will update when 2024-2025 schedule is released).

Try to use the following format (Different from my coaches market):

Tom Brady - Raiders

Teams and players can be repeated in any combination as long it's a new combination.

List of Banned Answers (Week 1 starters from 2023 Regular Season):

Bryce Young - Panthers

Daniel Jones - Giants

Joe Burrow - Bengals

Joshua Dobbs - Cardinals

Ryan Tannehill - Titans

Anthony Richardson - Colts

Josh Allen - Bills

Desmond Ridder - Falcons

Aaron Rodgers - Jets

Kenny Pickett - Steelers

C.J. Stroud - Texans

Jalen Hurts - Eagles

Geno Smith - Seahawks

Jordan Love - Packers

Justin Fields - Bears

Sam Howell - Commanders

Lamar Jackson - Ravens

Kirk Cousins - Vikings

Russell Wilson - Broncos

Deshaun Watson - Browns

Derek Carr - Saints

Justin Herbert - Chargers

Dak Prescott - Cowboys

Brock Purdy - 49ers

Jared Goff - Lions

Mac Jones - Patriots

Patrick Mahomes - Chiefs

Baker Mayfield - Buccaneers

Jimmy Garoppolo - Raiders

Trevor Lawrence - Jaguars

Matt Stafford - Rams

Tua Tagovailoa - Dolphins

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Banned answer

Russell Wilson - Steelers

Oh no...

@StopPunting This is one wild carousel ride. ๐ŸŽ 

I keep screwing myself on this market trading on rumors. Between that and the long-termish nature of this market post-loans not allowing me to lock up big mana for corrections Iโ€™m just so, so screwed. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Kyler Murray - Cardinals

Wondering for this one too

Aiden O'Connell - Raiders

Is this only considering QBs if they started the season in 2023-2024?

@houstonEuler yeah that's the criteria that's been in the description. Figured it allowed for more options/got around weird Week 18 than ending starter

Johnny Unitas โ€“ Baltimore Colts

@BrunoParga lmao I swear I didn't touch anything

@BrunoParga also Unitas has bust written all over him IMO

The Office No GIF

@BrunoParga Zach Wilson - Patriots

@NFL Brock Osweiler

Smarter, less sleep-deprived people than me (I'm 10 hours ahead of Las Vegas, I have a good excuse) might want to arbitrage the answers about the Patriots: https://manifold.markets/BrunoParga/who-will-be-the-new-england-patriot


Feels like a proxy for Will Fields not succeed in the NFL ๐Ÿ˜ญ

@JoshuaWilkes I think there are Belichick -> Falcons -> Fields rumors, but I might also just be making that up hahaha

Yeah, I really like this format a lot. Too bad I don't know the first thing about the state of the NFL. I love how it combines draft picks with transfer season and lets you do the full mishmash of team x player odds.

@Eliza I think I like it as a centralized place to say "Will X go to X", kind of like how @SirCryptomind has been trying to put all the games for a week in 1 location so it doesn't crowd up the topic.