Will the US change to permanent Standard Time before 2030?

During the past few decades, a trend has occurred where most countries have eliminated Daylight Savings Time and switched to year-round standard time.

Some, like Russia, first attempted to use year-round daylight time before correcting the mistake with year-round standard time. Several years ago, Mexico eliminated Daylight Savings Time except in areas that are close to US states that observe it. A bill was introduced in 2022 to create year-round daylight time in the United States, but like has happened elsewhere, states using year-round standard time prevented its advance to the House floor.

This market resolves to YES if the Federal government mandates that all states use year-round standard time before December 31, 2029. If the US ceases to exist before then, it resolves to N/A. Otherwise, it resolves to NO.

The market will resolve YES immediately upon an executive order or signed bill, and will not be revised after.

Edited to clarify: the adoption of permanent Daylight Savings Time is insufficient for the market to resolve, given that most countries that have done that end up reverting to Standard Time eventually. However, such an act might increase the probability of the "related questions."


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