Will the number of time zones on Earth change by 2030?

Currently, there are 38 different offsets from UTC used around the globe.**


As best I can tell, the most recent change to the number of time zones was in 2015, when Norfolk Island (Australia) switched from UTC+11:30 to UTC+11:00. As this was the only area using UTC+11:30, the number of time zones was then decreased by one.

Similarly, the most recent increase in the number of time zones was in 1994, when the island nation of Kiribati switched its eastern half to UTC+13:00 and UTC+14:00.

The market will resolve YES immediately if the number of time zones changes at any time before 2030.

**The number 38 represents the number of different "Standard Times". I will ignore Daylight Savings/Summer time for the purposes of resolving the market.

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