resolved Jan 2

Sometimes they have one cover for Europe and another for rest of the world. Both counts.

This week cover is dedicated to Germany and their problems.

Resolves YES if clear connection to Poland can be made. It can be through a person or event related to Poland. It has to be Poland only not a group of countries.

Good reason for that to happen are elections happening in October.

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No Polish cover this week as well, but if Polish cover happens then I expect it after elections or shortly before, so October

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This week covers are also not dedicated to Poland.

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Lol Stan do you think you could wait a couple days before buying more YES? You're killing my unrealized gains and I'm neck and neck to promote to gold.

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@MasonMott I'm bankrupt on 1st Sept so can't wait 😇

@MasonMott No Stan - please, keep it up 😊

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@GenghisConn you really don't believe in Poland 😭

@Stan I'll always believe in Poland. I just wanted to check what the person who I've been back-and-forth with for promotion (Mason) is wagering on now that we're in the final hours hehe

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@GenghisConn then you should also bet against Mason here ;⁠)

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@MasonMott Poland's a great ally and I also had a really hot Polish teacher in highschool but if I have to buy mana to make some crazy last minute bets my children are going hungry

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Next issue will be with China, so the question is still open.

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I've checked and there is not even one cover with word Poland in the last 6 years.

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@Stan but I don't have time if one of them want connected to Poland. Usually country name is not in the title

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Even accounting for the Europe and row cover there aren't that many covers left in 2023 and many of them aren't for a specific country

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@SebastianWorms i agree, but I think with elections in October it's likely to get the European cover.

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@Stan on the other hand Poland got just few in the whole history. If it happens then I bet on Kaczyński being on it.

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