Will a movie or TV series based on a book by Brandon Sanderson be released prior to 2027?

For TV series, there needs to be at least one season based on a book by Sanderson. The first episode of that particular season must be released before January 2027.

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Hmmm. Unless there's something already in development (definitely possible) it's sort of a tight turnaround to make the deadline, assuming it's another prestige series or movie (which it presumably would be given the popularity of his books).

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@AndrewHartman Each of the Harry Potter films were created in less time.

Does the first or last episode of the season need to be released before 2027?

@LukeHanks Thank you for the question. Description changed.

Would this include the Wheel of Time books co-authored by Sanderson, if Amazon incorporates material from those in the WoT TV series by then?

@NLeseul Yes, if a season based at least partially on one of the books 12-14 in the series is released before 2027.

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