Will Apple’s next iPhone (2024) include an on-device LLM “ChatBot”?
Dec 31

I've seen rumors that Apple might be working on local on-device LLMs for iPhones. I wonder if this is true. The market will resolve "yes" if Apple's new device features an on-device conversational LLM. It would suffice if the LLM is a combination of on-device and cloud-based processing.

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@Pykess Idk how to embed a market like @firstuserhere did

@Pykess click the "+" button -> click on "Add embed"; paste the link there



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@firstuserhere thank you for sharing

is siri powered by an llm a chatbot?

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@horace what do you think? For me, it is an obvious yes

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@Soli yep, same, even if only X amount of siri outputs are llm-powered

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@horace agree

@horace I don't think so, LLMs are a recent development in AI and Siri's responses are based on a neural network like Alexa and Google Assistant. If you look at all the leaks and rumours of the iPhone 16, they talk about Apple developing an LLM for an improved Siri and that suggests that they are not using an LLM for the current version of Siri. When Siri answers, it doesn't respond differently each time like a LLM, it chooses between different semi-predefined answers and uses one of them.

@AxelRthingCano i think you misunderstood @horace‘s question - @horace was not implying that Siri is already using LLMs

@Soli You are right, thank you!

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How come people believe the iPhone has a higher chance than Macbooks?

Does this resolve YES even if the LLM is not a chatbot?

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@toms the title clearly says ChatBot so no it has to be a ChatBot

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Isn't Google doing something like this? I could see them trying.

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@Marnix thank you for the inspiration

I need 13 mana to create my next question 😔

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what’s the cutoff for llm, since the autocorrect model is already a transformer

@ashly_webb very very good question - i meant a chatbot - thank you for asking appreciate it

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@Soli will bet no then, can’t imagine that apple would risk rolling out anything <7b and a 7b model would tank battery life. i highly doubt that the hardware advancements apple has made are enough to run on mobile

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@ashly_webb makes sense - let’s see ☺️ - right now the 7B model runs super super fast on my macbook and has decent quality so I don’t think they are that far off but I agree it is ambitious

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@Soli macbook very different than iphone imo. current bottlenecks for iphone are power and ram. i don’t see the value prop for apple to do on device llm instead of just using a cloud solution. i’m fairly sure apple is going to rework siri with a transformer though

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@ashly_webb i created a question for the macbook and pasted it above

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@Soli Siri run in the cloud for basically anything non-trivial. Why wouldn't they do the same with the chatbot?

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@PlainBG because they can provide offline support, save cloud costs and give the users more privacy all at the same time ;)

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@Soli imo the cost of inference is basically negligible at this point. even if you were inferring ~10000 tokens per year, it only works out to a few dollars per user per year (using mixtral as a reference)

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@ashly_webb I mean it is apple 😅

1) they have a history of saving every cent they can

2) on their scale this is not a trivial cost

3) offline support + privacy don’t work with cloud inference

Apple removed chargers and wired EarPods from iPhone boxes starting with the iPhone 12 series in 2020, which was presented as an environmental decision. This allowed Apple to reduce the packaging size significantly, save on shipping costs by fitting more units on transport planes, and save nearly $6.5 billion. Apple now sells a separate 20W USB-C power adapter for $19, while the iPhone prices have increased, including a so-called "5G tax" for newer models [oai_citation:1,Apple saved nearly $6.5 billion by removing charger from iPhone box | iLounge](https://www.ilounge.com/news/apple-charger-savings-iphone-box).

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@Soli cost savings from local inference are probably order of magnitude lower than from a smaller shipping box. for most users, it’s likely <$/year, compared to $20 for headphones +charger. the value addition of a non neutered cloud gpt-3.5 tier model is much larger than that of a small 2.5B model like phi-2 running locally, even if the 2.5B could run offline. almost every core siri functionality is online, and if this is a siri replacement, it probably will be online too

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@ashly_webb I hope many people share your views because then we have a really interesting market here

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@ashly_webb I don’t ☺️ - I think the future of LLMs is local but let’s see

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