By EOY 2026, will iPhones have an AI that has access to and remembers everything you did on your phone?

Resolves YES if at any point before resolution the newest iPhone model ships with an installed feature or app that, when on, has access to a full record of everything you do on your phone (or a full record once you turn it on), which can be accessed by an AI.

It counts if you can toggle its access to certain apps or activities, or delete data or memory, or if you have to opt in to use it.

It does not count if you have to navigate to the app store and download something to get this to happen.

Resolves NO if this is not true continuously until the deadline.

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Does it count if the full log is only for the AI to see, and the outputs are limited to clearly defined “warnings” like the current iMessage protections for children?

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"Everything" sounds like a high bar

Creating an ui-event log seems easy enough, even recording app states at low frequency (~per second, like microsoft's copilot+pc). Though recording at high frequency what each app is displaying seems harder (e.g. you don't want to record a movie the user is watching frame-by-frame, even though it may be nice to know what exactly the user saw 50ms before they clicked pause)

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