When will the first fully open-source advanced LLM (data, code, weights) be released?
Dec 31
before 2026
before 2025

will refine resolution criteria later and won’t bet on this market by advanced i mean something that is similar in quality to existing open-source model like llama 2 or mistral stuff

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@weissz interesting, is this also ranked on Chatbot Arena?

@weissz and apologies for the late reply, I somehow missed your comment

opened a Ṁ100 before 2025 YES at 59% order

@Soli yea, why is not Olmo fully open-source?

  1. Context text embedder ≠ LLM.

  2. Mistral is open source. The training data isn't, but it's neither practical nor necessary to publish the whole dataset, considering that it's huge and likely has some copyrighted works in it.

  3. Really strange to open a market first and come up with resolution criteria later. Whatever you come up with will upset people who made their bets having to use their own assumptions.

@ProjectVictory i think you could have saved both of us time by not making this comment :)

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